Team DAMP is a Dancehall/Reggae/Afro collective. They turn parties & festivals into the ultimate tropical bass music experience!Extra informatie

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The team arose when three youngsters teamed up in their hometown Bruges. Each had experience and followers in different bass oriented genres. They came together under the common denominator: Dancehall music. Team DAMP is an energetic crew with two technically skilled deejays and one uplifting emcee. Caribbean soundsystem vibes are their starting point. From there they explore all bass-based flavours in their typical fast jugglin’style. Besides Dancehall you can witness them dropping limb twisting Afro & Kuduro rhythms, neck breaking Future Beat & Jungle anthems, head nodding Hiphop & Reggae tunes and soulful R&B-Classics.Even though Team DAMP doesn’t stick to one musical style, they do hold on to one vibe: Positive energy. Expect an uplifting, tropical and bass heavy experience. Jamaican music is the focal point, radiating towards all surrounding areas. Ladies get their best moves out while men pop lighters up and wave flags in the air for Team DAMP

You may have seen Team DAMP...
... on Tomorrowland Festival, Reggae Geel, Bomboclat Festival, Antilliaanse Feesten, Afro Latino, Afro C, Smile festival, NAH MEAN...

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Foto: Alexander D'hiet.

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